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Family Office by Sandra Herdering


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S.HE Business is recognised as

TOP 100 of the Thinkers. Makers. Visionaries. (Textilwirtschaft, December 2018)

Sandra Herdering, CEO of S.HE Business, is among the

TOP 15 decision makers in Digital Fashion Business (Textilwirtschaft, January 2019)


S.HE Business & H.E.R. People Business are recognised as

Employers of the Future 2023 – pioneers for digital, innovative & modern practices (Deutsches Innovationsinstitut)




Discover S.HE Business’s extensive portfolio by Sandra Herdering – your perfect partner to secure the success of your business. With over 20 years of experience, founder Sandra Herdering draws up innovative business processes with her well-rounded team and network.

Key aspects of her daily work include developing and fine-tuning suitable growth strategies, providing support in implementing new processes and their digitalisation as well as integrating staff members in a relevant way. 

As a multi award-winning expert, the founder is ranked as one of the top digitals.  A strategic and structured, driven approach characterise the way she works. She stays focussed throughout and has a keen sense of discipline and resilience. Having built up her expertise across the entire value chain of manufacturing and trading companies over the years, she knows what adjustments to make in companies like very few others. As a trailblazer in all things related to digitalisation, transformation and change, she offers her know-how as a transition manager, consultant in M&A processes and member in advisory boards. Operating as a family office, she also invests passionately in start-ups and projects.






Shaping the future with the S.HE Business Group: strategies that are thought through to the last detail, financial planning, efficient digitalised processes, well-organised workflows and supportive IT systems. Draw on knowledge that matters, gained from 20 years of experience. 

People chatting


From brand positioning to employer brand, accompanied by a well-founded recruitment and management process. Brimming with experience and passion, we look for the appropriate talent for you, train people, and upon request coach managers and employees.

Our aim is to build cooperation required for an emerging business to be successful by means of targeted communication.

Anker 1


"In a relaxed and very open conversation, Sandra analysed my professional skills and had assessed my strengths and talents within minutes. Her insight into human nature is one of a kind and she has an astute sense of empathy. 
Communicating with Sandra is not just enriching professionally speaking, but highly pleasurable on a personal scale, and informative, too."

Tamara Stojmenovic 

Online marketing manager

"Working with Sandra was a first-class experience. Right from our very first talk, I felt extremely well looked after. The atmosphere was relaxed and despite the serious nature of a potential job interview, Sandra conveyed professionalism in an easy, effortless way. The application process went very well – Sandra and I were in constant communication, she was really rooting for me, making a case for me to join the ranks and ensuring that all my requests were taken care of. She even helped me when it came to choosing the ideal outfit for the interview at the company. I can’t recommend working with Sandra highly enough."

Eva Lotte Dehne

Online marketing manager

"I enjoy working with Sandra and trust her when it comes to recruitment, as she understands our company’s culture and only suggests candidates who are a good match in terms of their personality. Also in terms of their work specifications, she almost only ever presents suitable candidates. Thanks to her professional expertise and her many years of experience in different sectors and industries, she quickly understands an organisation and is able to identify its specific professional needs."

Laura Vogelsang

Executive board, The Platform Group AG

"Communication with S.HE Business GmbH began unconventionally via WhatsApp. The conversation then took place in genial and target-orientated style, with open and helpful preparations for the interview, despite these taking place during public holidays. Ideal scheduling, flawless technology and diligent follow-up after the meetings characterise our work together. Sandra’s way of conducting talks and her personal commitment to the cause is exceptional. Her unrivalled empathy and personal touch have our utmost admiration. I fully recommend using this recruitment consultancy."

Reinhard Hetkamp

CFO of Fashionette GmbH, a Platform Group AG brand

"Intuitive powerhouse with a whole lot of heart – that’s Sandra in a nutshell. When she interviewed me, I was inspired by her energy and abundance of good ideas – she’s strong, wise and eloquent. She knows what her customers need and is spot-on at asking the right questions. Matchmaker par excellence and a fresh breeze, too – in the hot summer months, just what was needed."

Tessa Hellbusch 


"Sandra Herdering guided me through the entire recruiting process, and beyond, in very engaging manner. She knows how to employ her soft skills with great dexterity. She provided me with advice and support whenever I needed it. In her very honest and empathetic way, she gave me the feeling she was interested in and genuinely appreciative of what I bring to the table. She combines social and professional expertise – a leader with heart and talent. I can highly recommend her and her team as whole – 6 of 5 stars!"

Sandra Meng

Senior SEA manager


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